TJ SWIM - Miami Swim Week 2019

TJ SWIM - Miami Swim Week 2019

Posted by Leara Duldulao on

Our favourite time of the year! We were honoured to have the opportunity to showcase our latest SS19 collection at Miami Swim 2019, for the second year in a row!

“Miami Swim Week is the umbrella name for a wide number of annual events that take place in Miami Beach (and surrounding area) during mid-July to promote swimwear, the swimwear industry, and fun in the sun. It’s the perfect event for Miami Beach!”

We were so excited to represent Australia on an international stage!

Stage 1: BTS

In anticipation of the show, we began the planning process 3 months in advance. Our planning involves brainstorming ideas and designs in-house with our dedicated styling team. Behind all our collections we draw inspiration from the iconic 80s era of high-cut legs. This is definitely one thing TJ SWIM is most well known for - the higher the cut, the better!

For this particular collection, we wanted the designs, cuts and shapes to be fierce and feminine. Hence the collection name, Femme Fatale. We also went bolder and brighter with colours this collection and released 2 new, luxe colours. You asked, and we listened and introduced “Sapphire” an electric cobalt Blue, and “Ruby” Red to help you babes feel fierce. We brought back the popular colour “Sunset” a tangerine citrus orange. Of course we have your basics covered and included the staples - Black & White. 

Stage 2: The manufacturing process

Once we design the suits, we then work closely with our manufacturers in Bali throughout the sampling process. It differentiates between each collection, but can involve a lot of going back and forth with our manufacturers making small changes here and there until we are 100% happy with them. Once the samples have been tested, adjusted and are perfect, we send them into production.

Stage 3: Showtime!

Almost showtime baby! Before the show, we organised a campaign shoot with the lovely muse, Georgia Gibbs. She would also be one of the stunning models walking for us in the show! We have worked with, and loved working with Pixie and Jesse so we organised to have them shoot this campaign. 

A day or 2 before the show we had fittings with all of the models to make sure all the bikinis looked great, and the models were comfortable and knew what they would be rocking. The excitement is contagious and the countdown before showtime had definitely begun!

The day of the show is very busy, and backstage is absolutely chaotic yet exciting. It’s an early start, with all the models going into hair and make up to get runway ready! Our lovely founder and director, Tara Jane is interviewed prior to the show about the collection and all the work that went behind it. Of course there is always time for backstage snaps, and we have a photographer capturing all these special moments!

We are so blessed and thankful for all the hard work that went into this collection to getting it from the very beginning of the design process to runway ready. 

We hope you babes loved this collection as much as we do, and feel as fierce and feminine in your new pieces!

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