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National Bikini Day is here! Grab your sunscreen, an Aperol Spritz and your favourite TJ Swimsuit, it's time to celebrate.

In celebration of this year’s National Bikini Day we’re looking back at how this iconic suit went from being so scandalous that it was banned in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Australia, to now being the ultimate summer staple, since its debut 75 years ago by Parisian Fashion Designer Louis Reard. 

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It was all about revealing the belly button. Literally. Navel gazing was a big no. Hollywood films prohibited it, and some magazines even resorted to airbrushing. It was the reason why so many early two-piece suits were high waisted.

The first woman to wear a bikini on the big screen was Bridgette Bardot, in the 1952 French film "Manina, the Girl in the Bikini". Bridgette launched the bikini to popularity a year later at Cannes Film Festival in a bombshell floral bikini moment.

The bikini then showed up again on actress Ursula Andress as the iconic Bond girl “Honey Ryder” in the 1963 James Bond film "Dr. No".  The Bikini quickly became the must have summer-staple throughout the world.

Our beloved two-piece bikini has come a long way since then and bikini trends are changing everyday. However,  in 2021 at TJ Swim we are still obsessed with 80s / 90s inspired designs. High waisted bottoms, minimalistic styles and cheeky cuts.

We love seeing our favourite styles being reinvented into fresh, timeless pieces that can be loved by many for an eternity of summers. 


We caught up with our founder and director Tara Jane and the TJ SWIM team for a Q&A on their favourite swimwear trends of the season and the bikini styles we’ll be wearing all summer long.

What’s your must-have bikini from La Dolce Vita?

Tara: My favourite bikini from our latest La Dolce Vita collection would have to be the Bambi Bikini. When shopping for bikinis I look for styles that won’t give me any tan lines, hence why I love the strapless, bandeau Bambi Bikini.

What trends do you think we will see next in swim?

Tara: With the rise of conscious consumerism and the importance of sustainability, I predict that timeless, minimal styles will be in high demand. We’re increasingly looking for high quality staples that can be styled in multiple different ways and will last an eternity of seasons. 

What do you look for in a bikini and why?

Jodi: When shopping for a bikini I usually go for the classic string bikini style like our Suki bikini. I want something that's going to be super comfortable and perfect for minimising tan lines as much as possible.

Lauren: I look for minimalistic, supportive styles. I love suits like the Delilah or Fleur Bikini, from the beach to the bar, I can spend all day in them and still be comfortable.

Natalie: I love minimalistic tops with a super cheeky bottom for an effortless look at the beach or pool. The Bambi bikini is my current fave.

Daniela: When shopping for a new bikini, I look for supportive styles with cheeky bottoms perfect for tanning like our Cleo bikini.

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