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Wanting to make the switch to sustainability but don’t know where to start? To help you on your sustainability journey, we’ve created a cheat sheet of simple choices you can make each day to incorporate sustainability into your daily life. 

Trying to navigate through the metal straws and the glass coffee cups of the world can be a bit intimidating at first, but it’s important to remember that any sustainable change, big or small, is a huge step to supporting our planet.

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Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It’s important to research sustainable solutions that are achievable for you and to take as many baby steps as needed when working towards living more sustainably. Here are our top 4 changes to make when switching to sustainability. 


1. Minimising Waste: Excess waste has a serious impact on the environment and many of us aren’t aware of just how much waste we produce on a daily basis. To reduce your waste opt to use your own cutlery when ordering food instead of using plastic cutlery. Donate your clothes instead of throwing them out when Spring cleaning. While these changes are small, over time they will significantly reduce excess waste. 

At TJ SWIM, sustainability is at the core of everything we do from our production processes to the way we operate at HQ. We have introduced Face Mask & Scrunchie bundles to minimise waste, All bundles are created from our premium crinkle fabric cut offs so you can be confident in your purchase whilst looking chic.

2. Choose to Reuse: Eliminating single use items is a key step in living more sustainably. With the rise and awareness of a sustainable future, reusable products are becoming more accessible. Try swapping out sandwich bags and plastic bottles for metal or glass containers and bottles that can be washed and reused. Remember to bring your keep cup with you when purchasing your morning coffee!  


3. Shop Smart: Quality over quantity is key. When it comes to your wardrobe, choose to shop with brands who produce premium quality, sustainable or slow fashion. At TJ SWIM our mission is to produce high quality swimwear that will transcend seasons and last an eternity of summers. We look forward to sharing our upcoming collections made from sustainable fabrics at the end of this year. 

Brands will include details about their production process and head office practices on their website which can be used to make informed decisions about where to shop. Click Here to read more about TJ SWIM’s journey to sustainability.


4. Shop for Change:  Choose to be a conscious consumer and shop with purpose. TJ SWIM is a proud partner of i=Change, giving you the opportunity to give back with every purchase. We donate $1 from every order to a charity of your choice. Click Here to read more about i=Change X TJ SWIM. 

Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle has many benefits, most importantly for the environment and our future. Making an effort to be a conscious consumer means reduced carbon emissions, less plastic waste and support for ethical production. 

Although these changes are small, they’re a big step in the right direction. Collectively these small changes amount to a huge impact. ​​We may not be perfect, and there may still be room for improvement, but what’s most important is that we value our planet and are actively contributing to a better future.